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About Us

We are a Libyan company specialized in importing optics and accessories where we import our goods from all over Europe (France, Italy, Greece, Spain, England, Malta), United States of America and some areas of Asia (Korea and Japan)

Our Story

We were founded in 2000, initially we were a simple company, we started to open one branch and we studied all the requirements in the market and compared with the international products all over the world, so we started our journey, excited to work and adventure and meet everything new and technical in the world of optics.

We dealt with the leading companies and deal with the craftsmen, we were very happy to work with them as we have established friendships and strong relationships with companies in Europe, America and Asia, we started a simple step and one branch, and here we occupy the largest shops and the largest companies in the field Optics and glasses in the region

Our Services

We offer the best in a beautiful variety of glasses, various services for the customer and after-sales and maintenance services